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January 7, 2014


Lin Brandyberry

Love the colors you chose, Deborah, and thrilled to be sending something to Jacqueline!!


Oh yes, thrilled to be receiving something from Lin too!


hi deb - thanks for reminding me about CCC - added my name just now.

Cat C

So glad this is back!


This is so exciting!!!


Looking forward to this, but realised I have made an error already, forgot to add Sally from the UK!!


Sally, you make me grin - as if I don;t know who Sally Sherfield is and where she's from - lol! No worries, sister-girl!

Helen G.

So glad it is back! I love playing with CCC :) Deborah, thanks for hosting this fun challenge!

Greta H

Love doing the exchanges, so I'll be participating! Valentines are my favorite next to Christmas.

Loly Borda

yay! So excited that CCC is back!


How exciting! I am jumping up and down over here!!!

Lisa (ThePurplePlace)

Loving all the wonderful ideas you have shared and excited to be back to being part of this fun card chain.

Thank you!!


Hi, my first time joining you. Looking forward to getting to know you all

Pat C.

Am excited to participate in my second card chain. Thanks for organizing this, Deborah.

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