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February 26, 2014


Linda baker

Hugs and good luck! Hope things get better soon. Maybe we should both runaway to some place warm!


I feeeeel your pain. But oh my, your sense of humor is enlightening. Just typing out your feelings in this light-hearted way is very cleansing. I know the chuckle you emitted from me was very cleansing. We have all (well Mommies) have been there. Wish I could have seen the funny side of life at that time in my life. I realize you weren't feeling giggly at the time, but know you have enlightened us out here in web land.


ROFL. LOL. Hugs hugs Hugs. Save Water, Drink Champagne

Dawn T

Oh Deborah. Thank goodness you have you sense of humor or it would get all too much. Hang in there sweetie... things can only get better... and Spring is coming!

Cat C

Oh my, sending hugs...and if I could a case of limes n salt!

Mynn xx

Oh NO, Deborah!!! What a hard transition and a huge choice! YOU are so brave and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! HUGS!!! Mynn xx


Thanks, everybody! Actually had a wonderful time writing all of that. It's been too long. When I tell you some of the other stuff is going on around hereā€¦ bwa-ha-ha!

Pam R.

I think Mr. Cuervo lives in the south!!! Tell him I said hello!

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