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February 28, 2014



Hi Deborah, hope things have calmed down for you a bit. I've taken the plunge and signed up as first woman. That means my where I send my card will remain a surprise to the last! What fun. On top of all the fun I am already having. I am amazed how delightful it is to create something specific for someone you have never met. Who would have guessed. This months challenge is so me! My colour, my type of sketch, definitely fancy a tree and love stencils. Might go all out! Hugs and best wishes

janet aka swanlady21

Love the whole challenge ... colour combo, sketch and using stencils!

Cat Craig

Looking forward to this one. You'll only get a sneak peak of my card until it arrives Deborah...lol.

Pam R.

Unfortunately, for the second month I will not be able to join in the fun. My oldest son and wife asked me to make baby shower invites (85)and it became very involved!! And next week I have surgery to repair a torn ligament in my right thumb. I am right-handed! I need to visit Mr. Cuervo! I don't know how long it will keep me from playing with my stamps and paper. Maybe I will have to find a 'Stampahalics Meeting to get me through it!


just signed on (#11) and should have added that i'm from nebraska - sorry.

Greta H

Love all the choices for this one! Each month the cards get better--so glad to be able to participate with all of you!

Tammy Smith

I'm really excited about joining the fun. I want to get my card made so that I can be apart of this.

Thank you for creating such a fun chain.


How exciting! I'm glad everyone's signing up and likes the choices!

Helen G.

Love the options for this month's challenge! Can't wait to create one :)

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