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May 1, 2014


Dotty Jo

A gorgeous reveal, and thanks as always for arranging all the fun! Jo x


Hey Ladies, aren't we looking good. Amazing cards everyone. So happy to be part of this talented group. Big hugs

judy jung

Wow! I do believe this is right up there with the best group of CCC cards ever!! I know I loved the card I received. Great job and a great way to "meet" people from all over the world. thanks, Deborah, for hosting and organizing and posting!!

Lisa (ThePurplePlace)

I just wanted you to know that my card was sadly lost in the mail. I would not want you to think that I rec'd an adorable card like that and never thanked YOU! I'm bummed that it never arrived and can only HOPE it shows up at some point --- you really never know how long things can take with our mail system!!

Hugs and best of luck with ALL you have going on!! I love this Card Chain and have already signed up for the next on!!


Jutta M

Great cards, I'm so going to join in this month again!
Thanks for organizing this Deborah!


Woo-who! Awesomeness, Ladies, just plain aaaaawesomeness!

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