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July 1, 2014


linda Baker

So sorry Deborah. Hope it is all figured out soon. Hugs.


Hi Deborah, thinking of you. Big hugs. My grandmother is 92, 100% fit, except for the little grey cells which last year went a little bit nutty. We are moving her to a flat nearer family and hope it will be OK. It's so difficult to deal with. Both emotionally and physically. Hugs

judy jung

Oh, Deborah! It just brings home how few options we have for people like your Dad. I pray someone is able to find a placement for him. If anyone can figure this all out, it will be you. Be strong! Hugs. Lots of prayers.


Sending hugs and prayers to you as you deal with this ever growing problem re: dementia related illnesses. Sure hope this gets resolved quickly for your own peace of mind, Deborah.

Monica Maier

You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

cat craig

Sending lots of hugs and prayers. Hope you are able to figure out some sort of placement, so that things aren't so life sucking.

Robyn Oliver

My thoughts are with you Deborah, it is certainly a difficult process and I truly pray you'll find a solution that is agreeable to all. Hugs Robyn


Oh, Deborah, I'm sorry. This is not a fun thing to deal with. First, I'm so glad no one got hurt in the car accident. Is it possible you can ask the police to take away his license? So he can't blame you for that? Or is that a moot point now since he wrecked the car?

Anyway, I'm sending lots of positive thoughts and hugs your way.

Kim H

So sorry to hear this sad new, and hope that you will be able to help your dad adjust to new beginning's which ever way it goes. Thinking of you!

Paula Sexson

So, so sorry, Deborah. Praying for you and your dad. Thinking of you and hoping your dad gets placement soon. (((Hugs)))

Dawn T

Hang in there hon. Such a hard time when you have to take care of your parent and they are having these issues. Sending prayers for you all. Take care


Sorry to hear what is going on...sending good thoughts your way!

Dotty Jo

Elder care is such a challenge and such an emotional roller-coaster. Don't worry about the CCC reveal, we'll keep your seat warm until you get back! I'll be thinking of you, Jo x

LaVon Hall

I just read your post. My heart goes out to you. It can be so incredibly hard to cope with an issue as tough as this one. I will keep you in my prayers. Hugs


Thank you, everyone, for all the kind words, thoughts, and prayers. Because of his mental illness, they won't be able to release him from the hospital unit until he can be placed in another facility - which relieves me greatly. He won't be driving anymore, won't have access to his gun or any other weapons, and will receive his meds every day. It is my sincere hope that he will eventually acclimate to his new environment and find peace rather than continue to fight it.

Virginia L.

So sorry about your Dad, Deborah! Mental health is one of the hardest issues when it comes to dealing with seniors. I hope that he will be placed in a safe and secure facility. Pray for your (and his) patience and strength in dealing with this. HUGS!

donna mikasa

I'm sorry to hear about your Dad and I understand the role reversal that you're experiencing. I hope you can find a good facility for him--one that will give you peace of mind. Take care of yourself, too. Sending you hugs!

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