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October 31, 2014



Hi Deborah, I like the sketch. Interesting colours. Under this month's special prize you have if your recipient receives their card by 1st August. Now I know what you mean, but it might be a little confusing for new folk. Having such a fun time playing along with CCC. Thanks. Hugz

Monika Reeck

Hallo Deborah..I join again your CCC and I have a question you wrote here:
If your recipient receives your card by August 1, your name will be entered in a drawing for one of the new Hampton Art sentiment clear sets.

Do you mean 1 of December?
I am a bit confused and wishing you a great weekend Deborah..hugs, Monika




Ooh look, I'm off to Germany again this month. What fun. Hugz


although I know how to email a photo of a card from my phone, I don't have a blog or photo gallery does that mean I cana't participate? I am not tech savvy.


Thanks, Gail for drawing my attention to the long ago date - lol! I will remedy that tomorrow.

Monica, yes, I mean December 1.

Dianne, technically, you're supposed to have at least a photo gallery, but I hate to leave anyone out who wants to participate. Yes, Dianne, you can participate this time without having a blog or gallery. You'll need to send me an email with your full name, email and snail mail address and $100... JUST KIDDING!

I hope you'll give us a try!


Hi Deborah, I am joining the exchange for my first time in November. My neice, Becca, suggested that I join. I am looking forward to the exchange. Thank you for taking your time to organize this...I am sure there is a lot of work that goes in behind the scenes. I was wondering how many are dt members...I think I may have signed up behind Janet and she makes beautiful cards.


Hi Deborah...Ive just signed up but the link before me (No.23) is spam. Do I send to No.22? Thx Pat x

Becca Cruger

Haha Pat - I was thinking the same thing!

Lisa (ThePurplePlace)

LOL! I just laugh and smile when I see things like the August 1st day! That is something I could easily do, so I'm pleased to know I am NOT alone.

Not sure HOW I missed the post this month, but I sure am HAPPY I came by to find it, so I can play! I guess maybe it was not posted in the Flickr group, which is my reminder? And boy do I need my reminders!

Happy to be back for another month and will get working on my card tomorrow!!

PS: @ Pat -- I'm sure you will NOT be sending to SPAM....no worries! Debbie always emails us the LIST after the sign up closes! I always want for that and then email the person I'm assigned at that time! Just in cade someone has to drop out etc.,!


Back for another go at this after having such a great time last month making my card and receiving! Love the sketch and themes!


Ok thanks Lisa!! I'll await the email.....x

Cat C

I am hoping I haven't missed the email...


I've sent the email out with the contact info. Thank you, everyone, for being patient. I've literally got almost 200 speeches and outlines to grade and am losing my stinkin' mind! My latest school I've added this semester has a whole different way of doing things, and it's seriously kicking my patootie every which way a patootie can be kicked. I'm looking forward to the long Thanksgiving weekend as I have never done before and am thrilled that the Pilgrims invited the Native Americans over for brunch and that Abe Lincoln made it a national holiday!!!


Hi Deborah, hope your patootie isn't too bruised. Been reading the comment stream and having some giggles. Glad you stamped out the spam. ROFL. Yeah for the Pilgrims, Native Americans and Abe Lincoln. Have a great holiday weekend. Hugz


Thanks for the update Deborah! I emailed a photo of my card and already sent mine out last week. Hope you can find a little bit of time to relax over Thanksgiving and not keep thinking about all the work that awaits you!

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