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January 7, 2015


Lisa (ThePurplePlace)

Yippee! Thanks Debbie -- Happy to say I have FOUND my January card and will be sure this time to MARK my card February and put it in safe place --- that extra couple of weeks off....had me totally "Lost"! :)

Mynn xx

Sorry I didn't link up with my name! :( I don't know what happened...On A Stampage should be Mynn in KS! ;)


Hi everyone, back for another month of fun. Ooh look, there goes the letter K and a new country for you Deborah. What fun to make new friends. Hugz all round


Glad to have made the deadline, looking forward to joining in again, Jutta


Welcome, all!

Lisa, I'm glad I'm not the only one who "loses" her cards - lol!

Mynn, you nut me up!

Dee, I am soooo excited that you're from Kenya!

Gail, I am soooo impressed you noticed that we now have a "K" country thanks to Dee!

Jutta, we've missed you and are happy to see you back!

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