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February 4, 2015



Hi Deborah, Darnell has a great tab on her blog called Away with Word which I read the other day and was heartily amused. I am sure she really loved this sentence. Hope you are feeling better. Hugz


love it Deb - when i was student teaching many years ago i ended a sentence with a preposition and it was noted on my critique - of course i was teaching high school english at the time!! never have forgotten that!!!


Yes, of all people, I got a kick out of your commentary on prepositions, seeing as how I make an effort to butcher the English language at every turn, especially as regards head-on, er, I mean, run-on sentences. And, anywhistle, I'd rather deal with propositions than prepositions! But, seriously, I hope you were able to dig yourself out from under that mountain of email of which we spoke earlier! Hugs, Darnell

Dotty Jo

Excellent stuff, I've always loved that quote! Jo x


Haha!! Love it! While I do get irritated with grammatical errors which make it difficult to understand what is being said, I have been known to dangle my share of prepositions in my dsy!

Janet Swanlady21

You made me smile! Thanks.

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