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February 9, 2015


Lizzy Hill

Oh, man....I'm sooo sorry for you... especially with all the CCC stuff [emails etc] you've been doing. At least your team won!!!!

Kristina Beagle

If you're interested try these vitamins. They have them at health food stores, but much cheaper on amazon. They're all natural plant based and actually get absorbed (you'll know by the color of your pee) TMI I know LOL, but I haven't been sick in a lloonngg time since taking these even when everyone else in the house is.



Kristina, you have captured my attention. I'll go look into it! I would drink ship dip at this point if it meant I could stay healthy!!!

Karen G (cardcrazed)

I hear you Deborah. I've been feeling yucky all winter.. had strep throat, and the doc started me on a good dose of penicillin, and I felt NORMAL,for the first time in months! Then I think the pharmacist messed up, because I was on a dosage and felt lousy day 2 on the prescription.

Feel better,that's an ORDER :P


I would avoid ship dip. Bwahahahahaha. Sea water is definitely not a cure all ROFL. Sorry yous ill again. I was going to suggest 2000mg vitamin C and 20 black peppercorns. Honey, lemon and ginger are all super foods. Put em together with some hot water. Racing around like a crazy woman and associating with hundreds of kids in small enclosed spaces is probably just too much of a temptation for the germs. They is just bad loosers. Be well soon. Sending warm snuggly best wishes and hugz

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