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March 3, 2015


kelly Booth

Wow and just like that she is ca teenager.... So cute Deborah! Happy Birthday GiGi!!!

judy jung

How can this be?? She was just in first grade, waiting for the tooth fairy ... saying cute stuff .. Wow, congratulations to Gigi and to Mama ... well done!! And she's a cheerleader and adorable!!


Thanks, Kelly and Judy! We just got back from the birthday dinner and Sephora where I dropped a tidy little sum to purchase her first cosmetics. Application lessons will be taking place starting this weekend. Luckily, she agrees with both her parents that make-up is supposed to accentuate one's natural beauty and that, if you notice it rather than the girl, you've done something wrong.

Janet Swanlady21

A teenager already!
They do grow up quickly ... the next few years will fly by! Enjoy every minute.

Nancy Ward

Adorable! Yes, they do grow up way too fast, and it is difficult at first when they go away. Eventually, when you realize what wonderful adults they become, you know you did your best! Hugs!

Carolyn Picken

My baby turns 35 today, yes I am spinning. How can it be 35 years. The blessing is he now has 2 littlest that I can watch grow up and cherish. So life continues to fill my heart with joy. Blessings

Monica Maier

Love your post! Happy Birthday to gigi!!!! I couldn't help but laugh when ready the part about how some creatures eat their young... LOL you crack me up. I understand the feeling as my oldest will be 14 on the 1st and is well... such a boy! ;-)


Beautiful... just beautiful! Happy Birthday, Gigi.
hugs, Asha

joy meadows

Happy Birthday, GiGi! What a pretty teenager she is!! I know it is a bit traumatic, Deborah, but just enjoy every minute. They do grow up in the blink of an eye. :*)


Happy Birthday Gigi! Wonderful post Deborah!

Dotty Jo

Happy birthday sweet girl, Jo x

Greta H

Oh what a cutie--love her cheer outfit! Happy birthday, Gigi!

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