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May 6, 2015



Me likey. It's blue, always a good start LOL. I like that you have just a little bit of pattern peeking out on your base layer and then the focus is so lovely and clean. I think we send a card and get a card and anyone would be pleased to have this drop in their mail box. Anyway, it's always good to test the boundaries. Hugz

Dotty Jo

Totally gorgeous! I did wonder if you'd used stickers... And I love the results! Jo x

Greta H

Beautiful card, Deborah & perfect for a friend!

Lizzy Hill

Really lovely....& near enough is good enough, I reckon....seeing as this month I accidentally used last month's colours....then decided mine was close enough to a friendship card too:) Oh, how RELIEVED I am that you've done something similar!!! Those little stars are gorgeous & LOOOVE the blue 'wash':):)

Dawn T

very pretty Deborah

Christi Conley

Blue and sparkly?!?! I'm sold! I just came across this card (yes, I am writing my post for tomorrow now. Yes, I know I waited until the last second - I always do) ~ but I truly love this card - love the sentiment, love the design, just love it! Hugs, Christi


Thanks, all! You make me feel like I'm special!

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