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May 25, 2015


Linda baker

Sounds great Deborah! Look forward to hearing your tips.

Lizzy Hill

Oh, sooo relate to this! I'm really trying HARD this year to actually use up stuff. And mostly succeeding! This will be interesting to follow!!!


once i had purged a lot of stuff and really organized what i had craft life is so much easier - but i still fall in the trap of buying new stuff - but at least it's organized! looking forward to your tips and observations.


This sounds good Deborah. Looking forward to reading. Hugz

Dotty Jo

Another great read! Jo x

Monica Maier

Sounds great and I know how you feel. Having to move my crafts to another area made me realize how much I had and some of it is going unused. I've been slowly sorting through to find items I simply don't need or mostly likely won't use and donating them.
Can't wait to read about your process!!!


Bravo! I look forward to your insights so that they may affect my crafting.

Lucille K

I totally understand this, as a matter of fact I started reorganizing my craft room this morning. It's amazing all of the things I have that I no longer use. I boxed all items I no longer want or need and will bring them to my stamp club next month, we are all doing a swap. I enjoyed your post Debi, great minds thing alike :)


Well I hope this helps me also, I love stamping but seem to get overwhelmed with all the stuff and it takes so long to create one card. I have managed NOT to buy any scrapbook paper and gave a good amount away. Looking forward to reading about the process and using it myself....


I am really interested in your ideas since we are working towards selling our house and RVing fulltime when I retire. That means the crafting stash will have to downsize significantly.


Judy, believe it or not, I'm constantly thinking of papercrafting in an RV! Not because I'm planning on going mobile anytime in the near future but because it seems like the ultimate challenge. There's only so much real estate in an RV, so what do you absolutely HAVE to own in order to be a happy cardmaker? I'm playing this game called "How Small Can You Make Your Crafting Space?" I hope some of the stuff I'm trying will work for you in your RV!

Stephanie, you are a woman after my heart! What you say is so true!

Lucille, I'd love to hear you chime in on what works for you!


I SOOOO need help in this area! I have so many stamps and punches and just --stuff--, that when I sit down to make a card, sometimes, I just don't even know where to start. I decided to weed through my things and keep only those things that I use most often. And once again, I don't know where to start! I can't wait to hear your plan.

martha Menningen

I have seriously been trying to downsize!! All ideas would be so appreciated!! Thanks!!

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