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May 9, 2015


Janet Swanlady21

I like sky! Lovely and light .... I like the space and soft colours.

Paula B

I like the "Technology".... background color you show in your screen shot makes the post blocks "POP"... I also like the size of those blocks compared to what was on the 'sky' example. They are much easier to read. JMHO, but thanks for asking. It will be interesting to see what you end up deciding on! :)


Oh, boy! Two opinions already!!! Thank you!

(I'll let you in on a little secret... there may be a third and fourth option still to come...hee-hee!!!)

So far, The Style is much easier for me to work with. I suspect there may be a bug in Sky because I can't "find" most of the standard stuff (sidebar, footer, contact me, etc.).


Forgot to add that I'll be talking to someone in Tech Support about the issues I'm having with Sky. I'm not making any decisions about ANY theme until everything works in all the contenders!

Dawn T

definitely better Deborah. You are braver than I... I'm sticking with something very simple!

Lizzy Hill

Sky allll the way for me!!!


Definitely like Sky best. Up, Up and away! Looking great so far.

Sue Speck

I have no idea what Sky looks like so I have nothing to compare The Style with. As a side note, I follow scores of blogs and find myself deleting those who make me click further on to find the card. With no time to fuss in my search for inspiration, I vastly prefer bloggers who are up front and proud enough of their art to display it immediately. Having to click further on feels a little manipulative to me. Don't know if this is helpful but thought I'd speak up anyway!


Hi Deborah, Looks like I am going against general opinion but I prefer the style. The darker background makes the project windows easier to see (maybe that's just my screen weary eyes complaining LOL) and gives better contrast and definition. Quite honestly sky is a shade of blue that I dislike, wishy washy, distracting and not enough contrast with the the project windows. I do really like being able to see the content in these side by side windows. Especially as I tend to visit certain of you posts (CCC) multiple times. Oh, and I prefer the style cos the script is black. Again, the eyes like good contrast afforded by black and white LOL.


Hi, left a comment on one of your family posts. Couldn't find comment box on technology post. Very happy to comment more if you play with more styles. This is fun. Hugz

Monica Maier

Love the Sky background and the smaller post squares so that you can see more of the background. Each post pops! Looking good Deborah!


so far i'll vote for SKY - the other one is rather boring

Greta H

I like what I see when I clicked the home button, so guess that's Sky--right?! This is going to be neat, Deborah! Hope you're set to have some rest & relaxation when school is out!


Thanks for all of the feedback!!! I love it!

I'm almost finished with my grading responsibilities. So come Wednesday or Thursday, I may have a third option for y'all to view.

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