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May 4, 2015


Lizzy Hill

Awwww.... I wanted to leave a COMMENT over there....but I couldn't! You're a brave, brave woman!!! And it's looking good thus far......now, if only I could remember my Wordpress email & password [HAH! NOT gonna happen!!!]...I could've at least LIKED it.....GOOD LUCK!!!!


Hi, not a clue what you are talking about so that probably means it's under control. I'm a techno idiot. Hopped over and it looks very interesting. I got a bit spooked when I clicked on the comment at the bottom and it took me through to a type pad page with tick boxes and things. Is it supposed to do that?? Looked at a few other posts and the comment box looked 'normal'. Don't know where you find the time to get your head round this. I will have to find the follow button. Hugz


Re above comment, I meant WordPress not type pad. See, can't even get that right! Hugz

Dotty Jo

Ok a blog title like that always grabs my attention... does that mean i'm even more sick and twisted than I thought??? Good luck with the new blog, I'll go check it out right now, Jo x


Crud! You should be able to leave a comment over there. Well, this is like trying to learn Greek at 80, so I'm not too terribly surprised there's an issue. But that's what this is all about. Total transparency as I face off against technology - hee-hee-hee!

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