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June 7, 2015



Yay, excited for another month of CCC- Deborah, this challenge brings me such joy as I get to share my addiction...uh I mean passion (haha) with other lovely ladies! So thanks again!! :) Also, I'm sure I'm simply a bit daft or blind (or most likely both) but I can't seem to find the code for the CCC participant blinkie. Where can I find it?

LesLee Stone-Rasmus

Thank you for your awesome welcome.. I look forward to this and already signed up for next month YEA!!! What an awesome job you do!


Off to a flying start this month Deborah. Thanks for doing all the hard work. I love CCC. Hugz

Lisa (ThePurplePlace)

Dear Deb -- Special thanks for the SHOUT OUT! I am THRILLED to be back and really missed my Chain Cards for those two months!

It's my PLEASURE to be part of this swap and I admire ALL the time and HARD work you put into this!!

Hugs to YOU!!


Y'all are so sweet! Thank YOU for playing along - couldn't do it without you!!!

I'm sorry I didn't see you comment earlier, Oreet, but it looks like you sussed it out!

Hugs to all,


Oh, and I just noticed yesterday that my sketch for this month is basically identical to last month's! *snort* This is why I really need to create ALL of the blueprints at one time. Thanks for your patience!!!


I'm glad you said something about the sketch, Deborah! I admit you had me confused - which, sadly, is very easy to do!! Thank you for the shoutout! This is indicative of how time flies: I thought I had only missed ONE month, not three months!! Hugs, Darnell


Happy to discovered you ! It will be my first exchange. 😊


Hello NatQuebec. Welcome to the best fun to be had this side of the sun. Hey Deborah, its looking like a mega month. Lovely to see new faces. Hugz


YAAAAAAY! Welcome aboard, NatQuebec and Jeanne H!

41 players! This is very exciting - we're almost back up to the 50 we had before I took the CCC to LilyPad. I feel extra blessed!

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