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July 27, 2015


Judy Jung

Good for you!! I continue to feel guilty about having way too much "stuff" in my craft room. And that is very much like the guilt I have about way too many clothes in my closet ... and way too much stuff in the attic ... looks like a theme here!


Yay for purging! If I get to my embossing folders this week, they'll go to Tina's crafty yard sale. Wheee! I'll let you know if I pull that off. :)

Paula B

Deborah... you really have inspired me to "purge"! Although I couldn't start with my lesser used tools (no box yet to put them in and no place to put the box if I had one, LOL)

So, to at least get started, I worked on the closet first... and I'm happy to say I've only got 2 more shelves to complete! I even cleared out closet floor space to accommodate 2 paper racks that now hold the unopened packages of extra card stock that replace colors I have out on my shelf in the craft room. Moving the racks into the closet freed up space in the room! Yay!

My hubby was amazed! When I had him come look, he disappeared inside the closet and stated "Wow! You can even walk in here now!"..... LOL

Doing the happy dance!!... Thanks for the "push" :)

Lizzy Hill

Oh GOLLY GOSH......I only have, like 20 or so.....& you're right. I rarely use any. Except the dotty spotty ones. But I'm not ready to do this. Yet. However, it's great to read you have. My Muse;)!!!!


Judy, I have this theme in every room of my house. I have this feeling it will never be caught up. That's why I'm focusing on my craft room - I feel like I may have a shot at winning that battle - lol!

Leslie, I'm so craft-backward that my first thought upon reading your comment was... I wonder if I can drive to Tina's for her yard sale? Oh, I am a sick, sick girl....


Paula, that is amazing! Everybody give a HUGE round of applause for Paula B!!! THAT"S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!

Seriously, I'm so impressed. I've only filled one lousy box - lol! I bow to your purging prowess. Keep up the good work!


Lizzy, if you only have 20 embossing folders I suspect you don't need to be ready to purge yet - lol!


I like my embossing folders. Even the ones I never use. I'm not really getting with the programme am I?? Bwahahahahahahaha. Hugz


OMG. That was wierd. First time I hit the post button it came up with an error saying head and body had not been found. Whose head? Whose body!! Dead crafter! Must be buried under the crafty stash. It's obviously a sign....... Hugz

Paula B

Thanks Deborah!.... I think I'm on a roll, even if it's a very slow moving one! (Some days my heart just won't let me do anything at all, so what I get done on my 'good' days is truly an accomplishment for me.)

My BFF is lending a hand to help me. She's as excited to help me purge/reorganize as I am! And I'm extremely grateful for her help since I hate asking my hubby for help on his only days off, when he needs to rest. He does so much for me already. Such a sweetie :)

Anyway, we're going to be tackling the last 2 shelves in the closet later today (after I get some sleep tonight, LOL)... Then, if I can keep going, I'm going to have her help me out in the craft room.... going to get started on those tools!! YAY!!.... I am really EXCITED about this!! Long time overdue. I just hope that once it's all complete, I don't have a relapse and start filling up to overflowing again, LOL! We'll see how that works out :)

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