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August 1, 2015



I am so impressed with everyone's cards! Love them all!!!


Fabulous cards by everyone. What a FUN challenge. Thanks for organising this, Deborah.


Gorgeous cards from everyone. Congratulations to Betty. Thanks for all the time and effort you put in Deborah. Such a fun way to make new friends and spread love and goodwill. Looking forward to signing up for September. Hugz

LesLee Stone-Rasmus

Gorgeous Cards..... What a wide variety... And the talent just blows me away! This is so much fun. Thanks Deborah for all your hard work to pull this off

Brenda Strachan

I keep trying to get the gumption up to participating. i need to read the details again and get on with it
Brenda in BC Canada

Brenda Strachan

Read the Revised Guidelines & FAQ's (revised April 25, 2013).

When I click on this link I get a blank screen????


Hi Brenda, there is a link on the main tabs at the top of the page that works CCC FAQs. Hope you decide to join us. It's more fun than a box of chocolate frogs. Hugz


Hi, Brenda! You should definitely play along! I just clicked on the link to the CCC FAQ page and it worked, so maybe you just experienced an Internet hiccup? Anyway, try it again and then wade on in - the water's fine!

Helen Gullett

WOW great cards for July!

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