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August 7, 2015


Greta H

You're used to seeing me, but hopefully lots of lurkers sign up this month! I'm thinking I haven't ever signed up right after you, so took the plunge this month. What a fabulous prize, too! Hugs, Greta

Ann Marie

Hi Deborah,
You might want to edit your fishes and switch the cobalt and ivory labels ;) Thanks for sharing all your lovely cards.


Dear Deborah, who's the vampire? Oh goodie, Halloweeney. You are just doing an optical test with them fishes aren't you?? Or maybe it's psyco-illogical. What a laugh. Bwahahahahahahahaha. Don't change them fish. Hugz

Helen Gullett

So glad to be back this month! Miss your challenge, Deb, for being overseas for 2 months :)


Back again and I do love that color combo! Have to say I did a double-take with the switch of color names and fishes but that just got my creative juices going!
Thanks for another Card Chain!!!

Lisa (ThePurplePlace)

I wish I could, but since I have been quite ILL, I have to pass for September and HOPE by October, I'll be MUCH much better!



Glad to see you decided to join up anyway Lisa. Hope you are feeling better. Hugz

Lisa (ThePurplePlace)

I am delighted to FINALLY be on the mend and with my wonderful NEWS this week, I am thrilled to now be in a form of Remission from my Cancer! I'm also feeling so good that I can create again and I am back to join in for this month's SWAP! WOOHOO! Life is GOOD! Thanks to everyone who has been so kind and caring to me, as I continue to WIN my battle! Hugs and Love ~~ Lisa


Well, my goodness! Look at all the activity that's been going on around here! (Sorry, ladies, term starts tomorrow for Ivy Tech, so I've been distracted and busy running around trying to get my act together.)

Greta, I'm so glad you signed up after me! I drool over your cards every month and I'm SO excited to be the recipient this time... DON'T BLOW IT! (No pressure or anything... hee-hee-hee!)

Ann-Marie and Karen - LOL! That's a new level of goofiness for me - can't believe I didn't catch it! Good eyes, you two, good eyes!

Gail, it would be politically incorrect for me to out the vampire, so you'll just have to don your deerstalker hat and pull a Sherlock to discover her identity!

Helen! So glad to see you're back home safe and sound! Love seeing your name and beautiful smiling face back in the line-up!

LISA-LISA-LISA! That's awesome news!!! I'm glad your cancer is in remission, too. (Buh-duh-BUMP!) Seriously, this is truly wonderful to hear - three cheers for you!!!


Hi Lisa, fabulous news. Well done. HUGZ

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