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September 30, 2015


judy Jung

Have a great retreat! I hate missing it, but family first....drive safely! Hugs

Lizzy Hill

At least it came back on! Hope you get everything done before you go and can forget it all for a while!!!

Suetta from Indy

Praying your day is better today and you can breathe a little. I look forward to meeting you. Are you going to the Ft. Wayne Convention this Saturday, and what booth would you be in? Take care, Suetta in Indy

Dotty Jo

Hang in there, my dear! Jo x

Lisa Haines

Oh Deb...I am so sorry! Sure hope that the POWER is now back on, that the student who stole your phone, realizes he/she made a big mistake and returns it? And that you have a super time in Cincy! Next YEAR, I hope to be there!!

For now...I'm thrilled that I'll be in Columbus later this month at the Create 2015 event hosted by SSS! SURE wish you could be there too!!



Hi Deborah, what a day!! Can't believe one of your students stole your phone. Where is decency and respect? I should let them know you are very dissapointed and hope someone has the decency to return it. Glad you are back online. Have a great retreat. Looking forward to the reveal. Hugz


Oh Deborah, how awful! I can't believe everything happened at the same time....and right when you are trying to pack for a retreat. Don't even worry about posting the CCC....we can all wait! Thank goodness you got power again, and I hope you can enjoy your retreat and come back refreshed!

Sherry Hester

If anyone deserves a retreat after THAT, it's you! You're a trooper! Sending hugs!


Thanks, everyone! I actually had TWO more stressful events occur after this post and was just about ready to cry like a baby over it. And then I read all your nice comments and felt much better!

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