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September 10, 2015


Linda Baker

SO happy for you Deborah!


fantastic news and so happy for the three of you!! the best is yet to be!!


So happy for you. Enjoy your family birthday celebration.


So very happy for you all! Yeah! Happy Birthday Mr. Deborah's hubby!

Mrs A.

That's good news especially as it is in time to celebrate a family birthday. We had to do the night shift run with hubby years ago when my oldest was just 2yrs old. Only lasted for 3 months but it was long enough. My sleep patterns have never gone back to normal which is why I'm such a night owl. Hugs Mrs A.

Lizzy Hill

That is FANTASTIC news & I'm glad you shared it....I'm sure there are so many peeps out there going through the same thing....you may just have shone a light into their tunnel. Hope you all have a wonderful, celebratory weekend :):)


Thank you, everyone - my heart is overflowing!

Paula B

I know exactly how you felt when your hubby worked nights and how you feel now....I know you're happier and very relieved too.
My hubby was on that schedule the first 15 years of our marriage! We still managed to have 2 children fairly quickly, so I was home alone at night with 2 small children in a big city for many years..... Only family and close friends knew.
I felt much more at ease when we got our first Rottweiler when the kids were 2 and 4, our personal body guard!.... Best dogs ever! Wasn't without one until we lost our precious Bear last summer. But my hubby has been home at night for the last 20 years! (Of course the kids are grown and gone now, with families of their own!)


I am happy for you ! It's was hard for my husband too here in Canada. It took him 2 years to find a job and at least I had one during that long time, but it was really hard time.

Carolyn Picken

How great it that! I'm a firm believer that the more time you spend together, the better the relationship. It's worked for me for 48 years! God bless your family.

Monica Maier

That is fantastic news, congrats to the family! Happy birthday to the hubs!

Nancy Ward

Great news for your family! Life sure gets in the way sometimes. Happy Birthday to your husband!

Sue Speck

Happy birthday to your newly daytime-vertical spouse! And congratulations ESPECIALLY for the new job . . . such a wonderful relief to be fully employed once again. May the job be a satisfying one - likewise the paycheck - and may normal hours and activities remain the norm for the duration!


What a wonderful, joyful and encouraging post! I am so happy for you and your family and even more grateful for this bit of yourself you share with us on your blog every week. From the bottom of my heart... THANK YOU!


Congratulations!! It's great. My husband lost his job in June. I hope he finds one soon. So enjoy your new situation.

Linda Grady

So happy for you and your family, Deb! Happy Birthday to hubby, too!

Greta H

Hurrah!! I very well remember the short time hubby & I were on different schedules & I began to wonder if I was really married! What a fabulous 50th birthday--hope you guys had a wonderful celebration yesterday!

Vickie Yeakley

So very happy for your family, Deborah!


Thank you, everyone, for all of your love and support. I shared your well wishes with Spouse and Gigi, and they are just as touched as I am by your outpouring of affection. God bless you all!


YAY!!!! That's AWESOME News....So Happy for you and your Hubby!! xoxoxo

Sabrina Radican

Congratulations!!!! You and your family deserve it!!! You do so much for everyone else, Now it's your time!!!!
I am so happy for you and tell your husband I said Happy Birthday!!!!


Congrats on getting your man back and happy happy to him. Must be a relief to be back on the same schedule. Hugz


Oh my gosh Deborah, I am so happy for your little family! What an irony that having more education can turn out to be a drawback, right? My son is in a similar predicament, his Masters degree scares prospective employers away and they think he's overqualified. All he wants is a full-time job but the economy is still in the doldrums. I completely understand the intricacies of adjusting to new schedules but it's all worth it! This is probably even a happier birthday for your husband, with the wonderful news!

Dotty Jo

That's great news! Jo x

Janet Swanlady21

So happy for you all.

Lisa Haines

that is FANTASTIC News! My hubby has lost two jobs in her career to downsizing and one company going out of business..so I hear you on the challenge and we did end up with some of the awful low paying, lousy hour jobs...more so when my kids were little, which made it hard on me. Thankfully, he found a new career about 16 years ago now and has been with the same company since then and continue to do better and move up the ladder. It is HARD to start over in your 40's 50's and even old, so I'm grateful this worked out and that THANK GOD we have good health insurance there. With my cancer battle, having good insurance has been so vita...so I feel blessed and lucky! I guess it just shows that even in the hard times...if you wait and continue to look...you'll find something better! SO happy that came true for you too.!

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