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September 4, 2015



thanks Deb - loved it and i know just what that is - i flew from nebraska to arizona on Aligent and my $180 flight cost $310 in the end - extra for carryon, extra for choosing a seat, extra to use Visa, and on and on - never again!!

Lizzy Hill

Oh Gosh! I rarely watch this sort of youtube....but you are sooo right....oh my! What a great belly laugh that gave me. Thankyou!!! Might have to share this one!!!


Such a fun, but true video. If i had taken two bags with me to england it would have cost more for them, chucked in the hold, than for my seat. I asked if i could buy them a seat but that isn't health and safety. That said, it still costs more for me to take a taxi from my house to the airport than it costs to fly across the ocean. I see some people are very organised and have already sent you their CCC photos! What fun to watch the letters fill up. Hugz

Janet Swanlady21

Loved it ... and o so true! Especially as I'm looking at traveling the next 2 weeks!


Glad y'all enjoyed it! I've watched it several times because ti tickles me so much!!!

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