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October 2, 2015


Dotty Jo

Another lovely reveal post - well done girls! Also, special thanks again to you, Deborah, for organising all the fabulousness that is CCC! Jo x

Lizzy Hill

Oh dear --- I squirmed when I heard you'd had further disasters.... But lived to tell the tale, I see. So that's GOOD!!!! And the cards look amazing ... Well done Dawn with the random win - as the recipient of your card - well deserved! It was beautiful:)


Hi Deborah, sorry to hear that the shit continues to hit the fan. Hope you get a break soon. Have a great retreat, sounds like you need it. Of course, if you are teaching it won't be much of a break but sometimes it's nice just to look at different walls....... Thinking of you and thanks for all the hard work you do keeping us entertained. CCC is a godsend and I will miss the december exchange, but as you say it's a busy time. That said, still two exchanges to go this year. Hurrah.

Gorgeous cards again ladies. We all deserve big HUGZ. Congrats to Dawn. Off to have another look at all this crafty loveliness. Hugz


Ow boy! What a chain! Deborah, you're a card hero to me! Thanks for hosting this exchange and doing it with such a grace! Hope your next week will be better!

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