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April 7, 2016


Dotty Jo

And we're off! Jo x


Hi Deborah, did you notice there's a spelling mistake on that stamp? How curious. First one to write Z in this comment stream gets a really dodgy crafty candy parcel from me. Hugz


Well, I didn't notice, and after perusing it a bit, I still don't know which thing is misspelled. (My wine knowledge is scant, I'm afraid.) Do you think most people will notice it? Or is it small/obscure enough that it'll go unnoticed? DO you think I need to buy another stamp?


Don't buy another stamp. It's fine. I think it's a lovely background. Just have another glass and no one will notice anyway. You obviously have seen my candy prizes cos you didn't include a Z. It's still up for grabs ladies. Hugz

Greta H

I see you want a Z for your candy--yah! I agree--don't buy another stamp, Deborah!


Okay, I'm gonna keep it!


Deborah, you can't keep it. You are giving it away. It's lovely. Greta, send me your snail mail address to craftynomad at gmail dot com and I'll send you a little something something. Hugz


LOL, Gail!

I meant that I would keep it for the challenge prize, you Big Silly!

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