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June 9, 2016


Janet Swanlady21

Wow ! Gigi is gorgeous. Bravo for stage one. And YES - stage two does fly by ... don't blink!
And condolences for Mabel ... know the feeling. My Mabel died while I was in South Africa. Took me weeks before I could replace her.


what a darling girl you have! enjoy every minute with her. my oldest grandson just graduated from phase 3 and his mom moved him to baltimore this past week for his first job in the real world - she's feeling pretty sad - been there done that - not easy.

Linda Baker

Can't believe she is so grown up! Beautiful girl. You should be proud. Raising a teenager has to be challenging nowadays.

Dawn T

Oh my goodness... what a beautiful young lady. Time seems to have flown by and will go even faster as she reaches high school years. I commiserate with you over your computer issues. I had issues last year with my HP Laptop... took 3 replacements to get one that works... well sometimes... if I don't have the power plugged in, the internet won't connect! Pain in the proverbial! Good luck getting Mabel fixed.

Lizzy Hill

Oh my GOSH! Computer woes.....eeek! Feeling for you. As I type, my 'cooling fan' is actually cactus & I'm waiting for my computer to simply die. I DID backup yesterday - so c'est la vie.
And talking of life. Your girl is SO GROWN UP! A Boyfriend and all. Good luck with Phase 2 is all I can say. And a few prayers, I'd suggest [winks!!!]

Nancy Ward

Gigi is such a beautiful young lady! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos! Good job, Mom!


Thank you, everyone! The words of encouragement are a blessing!


Your Gigi is so beautiful! I think you did am awesome job in the Phase I and am sure you Will do the same in any other Phases that are ahead of you! Even without smelling salts!!! Can I send you my kids, pretty please? ;-) Good luck with Mabel, mine showed us her white face and I am devastated...

Dotty Jo

Alas, poor Mabel...
Wow, Gigi has grown into such a beautiful young woman, time sure does fly, Jo x


What a wonderful post. My MacBook just got a makeover as well. No crashes, but it got so slow, I could get a meal ready before a page loaded!

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