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February 10, 2018



I'm so sorry to hear this. Taking care of yourself is most important. Once it seems right you may want to take up card making again or you may want to do something else. I had a several year break when life things needed to be taken care of and although I will miss your blog, if you need to take care of yourself and your family that is most important. Prayers and good thoughts for you and yours.


I'm really sorry to hear about your sad losses and understand completely why you need to take the time to heal and refresh. Crafting should be a pleasure, not a chore, and I think we've all had those times when we have an empty tank. I'll look forward to anything you want to share if you are so inspired, but commend you for putting your energies where they are needed right now. Hugs to you.

Cindy C.

I am very sorry for your loss Deborah. Do take a break and take care. But I hope you'll return to crafting when you're refreshed. Sending long distance hugs!


Dear Deborah, you definitely need a bigger umbrella. Take care of yourself and your family and know that we are all sending love and hugs across the miles. Hugz

Deborah Nolan

Thank you, everyone. I appreciate all of your kind words and wishes.

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